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Our Story

We are Brad and Jennifer Neilson. We are a husband and wife team that bring you Iron Hide Woodworks.

In 2015 Iron Hide Woodworks was born from a passion for custom woodworking, metal work and for family. Brad was in the oilfield industry for over 12 years but was always working on something when home. From custom modification to his Jeep, that he all built by hand, every single weld, to hobby knife making and small furniture pieces for our home. Brad left the oil industry to be home with his family (Jennifer and their two daughters) and follow his passion of building things with his hands. Jennifer is usually found helping flip tables, deliver furniture and taking photos of the beautiful pieces. Iron Hide Woodworks really is a family business, from the first email to the completed project.

We are from southwest Edmonton and source most of our supplies and materials from locally owned businesses. Occasionally even get wood from reclaimed old farmhouses and barns. We are proud to say we are local and support local.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to tailor your home and lifestyle around big box store furniture. With custom furniture you can get exactly what you want, suited to your style, color choices, finishes and sizes.

Everything is handmade to order so you truly get a one of a kind piece made just for you.