Finding Inspiration For Your Custom Build

Custom Furniture Inspiration

Custom Wood Dining Table

Looking into a new dinging table or coffee table? Not finding what you are exactly looking for in the stores? A great option is designing and building a custom piece.

This is of course, where we come in as a custom wood and metal furniture building shop.

You can create furniture so that it fits your space and fit’s into your style. We come across a lot of people who have bought furniture that they had to fit their house around. Hiding parts of big gorgeous windows to fit a bed or trying to get the right color on a table offline to match floors or other furniture in the house.

Since you are able to customize your furniture, you can get exactly what you want and need.

Now you know where you want something and an idea of colour maybe, where do you find the inspiration?

Every Tuesday on our Facebook Page we post Pinterest Inspirations. We find awesome stuff from Pinterest people have built or love and post them! We love Pinterest for finding beautiful ways to decorate your new piece.

Following some awesome bloggers can come with great inspiration too. We love The DIY Mommy and some her great tips for styling.

Additionally, good old fashion magazines. There are a lot you can find in grocery stores and browse through. There are some great ideas in magazines that give you an idea of the overall look you are after.